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Istari Studios
December 222014

Istari Studios is pleased to announce that WE HAVE MOVED! Our new location is just a few blocks from our old shop at 711 E 9th St. right next to Ace Hardware in the Henry Electric Building. The new space is twice as large, featuring a separate lobby, an art gallery, and more private stations for each artist.

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August 42014

A well rounded artist, Jim has won several awards in a variety of categories. His favorite tattoo styles are floral, portraits, Aztec/Mayan and Japanese. The art he does reflects his belief that each tattoo should fit the person it is tattooed on. He focuses on making sure every piece he does is solid, smooth, bright, and flows with the area of the body where it is done.

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August 32014

My style would be best described as surreal illustrations with a twisted outlook on modern life. I am influenced greatly by cartoon culture. I am drawn to antique, aged textures and traditional styles of line work. My artwork is a natural flow of my creative process and the characters/ creatures show this through their expressions and tones.

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April 232013

My name is Justin Oriani. I’ve been tattooing for 6 years as of 2013. I began tattooing when I was 16 years old and apprenticed for two years in New York and Tucson. I’ve since bounced back n’forth a bit, but I have set my roots in Tucson. I continue to draw inspiration from many artists throughout the world. My style ranges from full color realism/surrealism to black and grey as well as neo-traditional, with a strong preference for bio organic/ mechanical work weaved into my tattoos.

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April 172013

I am a very versatile artist in the way that I am willing and able to tackle almost all tattoo styles. I aim to please my customers and leave them with a beautiful, custom piece of art that suits them perfectly. I distinguish myself amongst the rest by approaching my art with a more “feminine” appeal, with soft color blends, ornate embellishments, and delicate curves that form to the body, while still upholding my belief that a tattoo should have bold contrast and line work in order to stand the test of time.

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Self-taught artist born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. An Artist before a tattoo artist, with a passion and love for both. Style consists of a strong graphic influence, hard blacks stencil-esque portraits, mixed with modern surrealism . Although, I do I love clean lines, color blending and traditional black and grey art.

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